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GymStore Feb '23 Round Up

GymStore Feb '23 Round Up

It's that time again folks, the latest round up of what's hot as opposed to what's not; February '23 edition. 

The month of love is upon us again!

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, introducing new and innovative gym products that cater to the ever-growing demands of fitness enthusiasts. In February 2023, several gym products emerged as the most popular among fitness enthusiasts, revolutionising the way we work out. In this blog, we will delve into the top five gym products that captured the industry's attention during that month, shedding light on the latest trends and must-have items for achieving your fitness goals.

1. Interactive Home Fitness Systems

Interactive home fitness systems have gained immense popularity, particularly due to their ability to recreate the gym experience within the comfort of your own home. These comprehensive systems typically include a high-definition screen, access to virtual classes, and an array of exercise programs led by professional trainers. With interactive features like real-time feedback, leaderboards, and progress tracking, these systems offer an engaging and immersive workout experience that appeals to users seeking convenience without compromising on quality.

Our recommendation: Echelon Reflect Touchscreen Smart Fitness Mirror

2. Under Desk Treadmills

Under desk treadmills have become increasingly popular among individuals seeking a more active and healthy work environment. These compact and portable treadmills are designed to fit seamlessly under a desk or workstation, allowing users to walk or lightly jog while performing their regular tasks. Under desk treadmills provide a convenient solution for incorporating physical activity into a sedentary workday, promoting increased calorie expenditure, improved circulation, and enhanced overall well-being. In February 2023, under desk treadmills emerged as one of the highest-grossing gym products, appealing to individuals looking to stay active and energized throughout the day without disrupting their work routine. With adjustable speeds, quiet operation, and space-saving design, under desk treadmills offer a practical and affordable option for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, even while working or studying.

Our recommendation: WalkingPad P1 Treadmills

3. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks have become essential props for yoga practitioners of all levels, making them a popular and affordable gym product in February 2023. These versatile blocks are typically made of foam or cork and are used to provide stability, support, and extension in various yoga poses. Yoga blocks help improve alignment, deepen stretches, and assist in achieving proper form, making them invaluable tools for enhancing flexibility and strength during yoga practice. They can also be used for meditation and as a comfortable seat during seated poses. With their lightweight and compact design, yoga blocks are easily portable, allowing you to practice yoga anywhere, whether at home, in the gym, or outdoors. In February 2023, yoga blocks emerged as one of the highest-grossing gym products, appealing to yoga enthusiasts looking to deepen their practice and improve their overall yoga experience. Incorporating yoga blocks into your practice can provide valuable support and help you progress in your yoga journey without breaking the bank.

Our recommendation: Myga Foam Yoga Block

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Equipment

HIIT continues to be a popular workout trend, and specialised equipment designed for these high-intensity workouts has gained prominence. Innovative HIIT equipment such as battle ropes, slam balls, and plyometric boxes are widely sought after by fitness enthusiasts seeking to maximise calorie burn and boost cardiovascular fitness. These versatile tools allow users to perform explosive movements, combining strength and cardio exercises to achieve an intense full-body workout. In February 2023, HIIT equipment garnered significant attention and demand.

Our recommendation: Amazon Basics Exercise Rope

5. Wearable Recovery Technology

Recovery plays a crucial role in achieving optimal fitness results, and wearable recovery technology has gained significant popularity in February 2023. These devices, such as compression sleeves, smart compression boots, and vibrating foam rollers, incorporate advanced technology to enhance post-workout recovery. From promoting circulation and reducing muscle soreness to accelerating muscle repair and reducing inflammation, wearable recovery technology has become an essential tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to optimise their recovery process.

Our recommendation: RENPHO Legs and Feet Massager

The fitness industry is a dynamic landscape that continuously introduces new and exciting gym products to meet the needs and preferences of fitness enthusiasts. In February 2023, interactive home fitness systems, suspension trainers, smart yoga mats, HIIT equipment, and wearable recovery technology emerged as the most popular gym products. Whether you seek immersive at-home workouts, dynamic strength training, advanced yoga experiences, high-intensity interval workouts, or optimised recovery, these products offer innovative solutions to help you achieve your fitness goals. Embrace the latest trends and incorporate these popular gym products into your fitness routine to elevate your workouts and enhance your overall well-being.

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