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GymStore Jan '23 Round Up

GymStore Jan '23 Round Up

New Year New Us?

Well our website may have had a revamp but the content is as good as ever. And we are back with the first of our 2023 round up of what is hot right now!

The fitness industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and the demand for gym products has skyrocketed. With people becoming more health-conscious and fitness-oriented, the market has seen a surge in innovative and effective gym equipment. In this blog, we will explore the five most popular gym products in 2023 so far, offering insight into the latest trends and must-have items for fitness enthusiasts.

1. Smart Fitness Trackers: Smart fitness trackers have revolutionised the way we monitor and track our workouts. These wearable devices offer a comprehensive range of features such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, and even GPS capabilities. With advanced analytics and user-friendly interfaces, smart fitness trackers allow users to set goals, track progress, and gain valuable insights into their fitness journey. In 2023, these devices continue to dominate the market due to their versatility and convenience.

Our recommendation: Fitbit Inspire 3

2. Adjustable Dumbbells: For those seeking a versatile and space-efficient option for strength training, adjustable dumbbells have become immensely popular. These innovative dumbbells allow users to easily change the weight by adjusting the plates, eliminating the need for multiple sets of dumbbells. With their compact design and user-friendly adjustment mechanisms, adjustable dumbbells have gained a significant following among fitness enthusiasts and home gym owners.

Our recommendation: BowFlex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbell

3. Home Exercise Bikes: Home exercise bikes have become a staple in many households, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic limited gym access. These stationary bikes provide a convenient and effective cardio workout option, allowing users to cycle from the comfort of their own homes. With features like adjustable resistance levels, built-in workout programs, and interactive screens, home exercise bikes have seen a surge in sales as more people prioritize at-home fitness solutions.

Our recommendation: Peloton Original Exercise Bike

4. Portable Resistance Bands: Portable resistance bands offer a cost-effective and versatile solution for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. These elastic bands come in varying levels of resistance and are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel or home workouts. With their ability to target specific muscle groups and provide a full-body workout, portable resistance bands have gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Our recommendation: TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

5. Recovery Foam Rollers: As individuals increasingly recognize the importance of post-workout recovery, a variety of recovery tools have gained immense popularity. Massage guns, foam rollers, and percussion massagers are among the most sought-after products in this category. These tools help alleviate muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and enhance recovery by targeting specific muscle groups. With advancements in technology and an emphasis on self-care, these recovery tools continue to be top sellers in 2023.

Our recommendation: Fit Nation Foam Roller

The fitness industry is continually evolving, with new and innovative gym products hitting the market each year. In 2023, smart fitness trackers, adjustable dumbbells, home exercise bikes, portable resistance bands, and recovery tools dominate the highest-grossing gym products. Whether you're looking to track your progress, enhance strength training, improve cardiovascular health, or prioritise recovery, these top-selling products offer a wide range of options to meet your fitness goals.

Embrace the power of these gym products and embark on a journey to a healthier, fitter you.



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